Obsessive-Compulsive Order

How can it be a disorder if I'm organizing things?

This page is a stub, created on 2020-04-08. Its contents are notes on the issues and angles I want to address about this topic.

In a way, this is probably the fundamental post of this website; it explains the title. A few things to cover:

  1. the origin of the phrase
  2. the possible origin of the trait: my family circumstances
  3. the myriad manifestations across pursuit of excellence in general, being tidy, liking to structure data, logging and measuring, professional life, consistency and discipline, interest in philosophy, integration (and rejection of compartmentalization), etc
  4. how it's not really obsessive nor compulsive, and its connections to the true OCD pathology
  5. relationship to perfectionism
  6. "The Truth About the Dishwasher" and how some manifestations of my OCO particularities are about my viewpoint about what is objectively more efficient in reality and by the rules of logic, not merely what my personal preferences are
    (The phrase originates in the idea that I'm not looking for others (eg, roommates) to accommodate some idiosyncratic preference about how to load the dishwasher, but that the "ideal" way to load it is an independently discoverable and verifiable fact of reality.)