Blog Posts

The substance of blog posts is almost always date-specific...usually something that happened on a particular day. If you're looking for "timeless" content, head on over to Stubs, where I've started a number of posts to capture some preliminary thoughts about various topics I want to explore. (As I flesh those out, they'll turn into proper, organized posts, rather than being in a "writing stubs" dumping ground!)

Siete Foods

2020-08-16 | Edit on GitHub

I was already an enthusiast of their myriad products. Their customer service earned my loyalty for life.

Unconscious Bias

2020-06-27 | Edit on GitHub

A firsthand experience of observing unconscious bias in action was truly eye-opening.

Microsoft Account Security

2020-06-21 | Edit on GitHub

What passes for security at Microsoft is staggeringly disconcerting.

United Flight 2294

2020-02-28 | Edit on GitHub

An experience with a flight attendant taught me a powerful lesson about compassion and mindfulness.

A Sobering Krav Maga Experience

2019-11-16 | Edit on GitHub

For the first time since starting Krav Maga over 4 years earlier, I had an experience in class that was so disorienting and exhausting that I struggled to muster up the will to keep fighting.

Involuntary Nonconsciousness

2011-06-22 | Edit on GitHub

This was the first time I passed out from a "purely psychological" trigger. But regaining consciousness was the most interesting part of the experience.