Most people can't decide whether I'm a compulsive rule follower or completely dismissive of rules.

This page is a stub, created on 2020-05-20 (last updated on 2020-12-11). Its contents are notes on the issues and angles I want to address about this topic.

In reality, I'm definitely a rule-follower, but not just any rules merely because they're rules. I have high regard for rules as such, but utter contempt for others' rules. That's not to say that I reject others' rules because they're their rules; by contrast, when I agree with the rules, I adopt them as my own, and then they become sacrosanct to me. So, fundamentally, the only rules I actually respect are my own rules, whether I am their originator or not.

Areas to explore:

subjective intrinsic objective
Good/Truth determined by social convention or personal whim/declaration Good/Truth determined by religion/revelation virtue-based egoism and induction
no regard for any rules must follow rules because they're rules adopt as inviolable the rules I agree with
social approval / whim-worship inherent (context- and fact-free) goodness/badness self-esteem
descriptivism prescriptivism evolution based on cognitive utility
fitting in (maybe also withdrawal from connection?) ??? belonging
moving toward (pleasing), moving against (rejecting), moving away (withdrawing) ??? authenticity
data-rejecting / data-apathetic data-driven data-informed